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Bollywood Nostalgia

Madhur Bhandarkar
He started out as
the owner of a
video library.
Then he made his
first film Chandni Bar
and there has
been no looking
back for him..
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60 Defining Moments:
How states shaped up

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expert column
Rajdeep Sardesai
Editor-in-chief of CNN IBN
Former president's remarked that India's primary responsibility is to nation build, how achievable are these in today's......
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Raghav Bahl
Managing Editor, TV18 Network
Just sixty years ago, in 1947, India was a fairly strife-torn country. It was a country which was grappling with a lot of negative issues, .......
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Indian Women on Top
Pooja Bedi
Former actor and model, current television host, opinion maker and single mom, Pooja Bedi really needs no introduction. She talks about being single, successful and sexy. . .....
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India Shines On
The role of IT and ITES
India Shines on. Itís the 60th year of our Independence, and look at what we have achieved. We have an extremely prosperous technology sector, and mind you, it doesnít show any signs of slowing down. Our economy in general benefits from our advancements, with every vertical now becoming IT enabled.......
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IT Trail Blazers
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