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Simply Pooja!

Former actor and model, current television host, opinion maker and single mom, Pooja Bedi really needs no introduction. She talks about being single, successful and sexy. . .

Image Courtesy: Zoom TV

On a Separate Track
Like any woman, I didn't want a divorce but sometimes things just don't work out. It makes sense then to go your separate ways. The separation process is definitely not an easy one. I am friends with my husband but we have to constantly work at the friendship for the sake of our kids. My kids need their mum and dad and the only way that this will work is by us being friends. In the same breath I have to say that it is hard, really hard. Nothing is ever as easy as it seems.

Because Mommy Knows Best
My daughter Aaliya and son Omar were really young - four years and two years respectively - when my husband Farhan and I separated. So they did not ask about the divorce. However, a little later Aaliya asked me why her father was not living with us like the other families. It was then that I told her that her mum and dad were happy living apart.

Just Pooja
Though I was an actor before marriage, getting back to work was daunting initially because I had no academic qualifications that would assure work. I have to admit though that I was privileged to be in a position where I didn't have to jump at the first offer that came my way.

I wrote columns for a few publications and waited for something to come my way. I was offered 'Just Pooja' on Zoom and thought the concept of the show was fabulous. I wanted to work and this seemed like a perfect opportunity for me to get back to work.

Home Improvement
Making time for my kids is important because but juggling a career and home can be challenging. Initially, I took a break since the kids were really young. Once they started school and were set in their pattern, I started shooting.

If I have a shoot and a PTA meet at the same time, I call the school and request them to reschedule it. But if I know about it in advance then I schedule my shoots around it. I am there for their concerts and sports day but I understand if their father cannot be there. He is busy with work and trade fairs. So it's okay.

Help Wanted
Benny, our nanny, has done more for Aaliya and Omar than I have; she has been with us since Aaliya was four months old. She takes care of the entire household, including me!

Benny has her own way of bringing up the children but she does what is good for them. She loves them and always does what is right. I've never really had any conflict with my household help because they know that I am the boss. Nothing can dispute that!

What Women Want?
Dating was scary initially because I met my ex-husband when I was 20 years old and was with him till I was 32. I was protected and cocooned and getting back was disorienting. But once you are in the single zone then dating is fun and exciting.

I started dating about 10 months to a year after my divorce and have had two boyfriends since. I am a diehard romantic and like to be swept off my feet. I believe in the Mills & Boons type of romance and love being in love.

Marriage and More
My kids want me to get married and have more kids because they want brothers and sisters to play with. They keep telling me to have kids! I always tell them that I have to get married first and they seem to be gung-ho so far. My kids never have an issue with the men in my life.

Sexy, Single and Famous
It is a high to live life on my own terms. Economic and personal independence is awesome. There is so much that I have achieved. Whatever comes up in the future career-wise is something that I can consider; it is not a need.

People are appreciating my work and that is most fulfilling. Besides I have my home and kids to go back to. The prospect of a new man in the future is always exhilarating.